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Get details of our publications as well as links to supplementary material (example data and so on).

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Stats for Ecologists S4E20

Managing Data MDUE20


New: Statistics for Ecologists (Edition 2) Support Pages

Latest writing project at Writer's Bloc

Current Project

See my Writer's Bloc page for notes about my latest project, a new edition of "Statistics for Ecologists Using R and Excel: Data Collection, Exploration, Analysis and Presentation".

You can find various notes about topics that are coming up as I produce the new edition. The book is now available at Pelagic Publishing.

New: Statistics for Ecologists (Edition 2) Support Pages

The Writer's Bloc pages also include notes from my previous projects:

Managing Data Using Excel

Community Ecology: Analytical Methods Using R and Excel

The Writer's Bloc page(s) feature notes, tables of contents, example data and R scripts/code.

See also my MonogRaphs page(s) for other topics related to R: The Statistical Programming Language.

Statistics for Ecologists Edition 2 Cover

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Don't Panic Stats software

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Tips and Tricks for R and Excel

MonogRaphs: essays on random topics in R

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I run training courses in data management, visualisation and analysis using Excel and R: The Statistical Programming Environment. From 2013 courses will be held at The Field Studies Council Field Centre at Slapton Ley in Devon. Alternatively I can come to you and provide the training at your workplace. See course information page.


Find out about the Don't Panic software package, designed to help teaching and learning of statistics.

Learn how to use R, the free and open source programming environment.

Tips, Tricks & Hints for R and Excel.

MonogRaphs: essays on randon topics in R: The Statistical Programming Language


Mark's Open university Student page.

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