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Welcome to our garden page. Here you can find some details of things we've done to the garden since we arrived. There are photos of the garden and some of the projects we've undertaken, we hope you find something of interest/useful to you.

We have two gardens, a small back garden next to the house and a larger plot just down the lane.

The back garden as of summer 2007 and then spring 2009

The back garden was surrounded by conifers and laid mainly to lawn (boring!). The first job was to take out some of the conifers and replace with more interesting stuff.

The 2nd garden as of summer 2007 and then spring 2009

The second garden (we call it the allotment) is just across the courtyard and down a short lane. This is where we plan to grow vegetables in a serious way. The first task is to create a compost area. Because the ground is sloping (a little) it's not just a matter of placing compost bins on the ground. See the garden projects page for ongoing details of construction tasks.

The compost area is now completed. The first set of raised beds is also completed. The shed is now completed.

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